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Federal Income Tax 2020 – The Basic Formula

January is turning the corner, I am trying to remember my New Year’s resolutions, and my mailbox is starting to fill up with various tax forms. It is that time of year again, and hopefully I will get a refund! Many of us sort through these documents that look like alphabet soup, either attempting to

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Avoiding Dogma: How to Keep Finance Personal

Imagine that you arrive for an appointment to see a new doctor. You have been experiencing chronic neck pain and want to ensure the symptom is not due to a major health condition. You enter the office lobby and walk up to the desk to check in. Before you even say who you are, the

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Roth IRAs 2021: Know the Facts!

As we start 2021, we can reevaluate and anticipate our financial objectives, income assumptions, and tax-efficient savings opportunities for the new year. Whether you are actively employed and accumulating assets or distributing income in retirement, a Roth IRA can play a major role in your financial plan. Roth IRAs are becoming more popular as investment

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How to Create a Financial Plan

As your lifestyle and financial goals evolve over the years, creating a financial plan by yourself or with the help of a professional can help translate the complexity of financial topics and myriad of options into a simplified narrative and actionable plan – most importantly with YOUR personal values and objectives in focus. A financial

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As a professional financial planner, I specialize in comprehensive plan development, portfolio/investment analysis, topic research, and personalized financial education. My goal is to translate the complexity of financial analysis and technical lingo into a simplified narrative and actionable plan, because it is difficult to make changes to a financial landscape we can’t fully understand.

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