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How to Understand Your Pay Stub

Do you remember the last time you received an actual physical check on payday? It was a thrill to receive that envelope at the end of the week, revealing the tangible reward for dedicating much of my time and talents. The pay stub featured dozens of valuable insights, but most of us simply glanced at

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Federal Income Tax 2020 – The Basic Formula

January is turning the corner, I am trying to remember my New Year’s resolutions, and my mailbox is starting to fill up with various tax forms. It is that time of year again, and hopefully I will get a refund! Many of us sort through these documents that look like alphabet soup, either attempting to

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Avoiding Dogma: How to Keep Finance Personal

Imagine that you arrive for an appointment to see a new doctor. You have been experiencing chronic neck pain and want to ensure the symptom is not due to a major health condition. You enter the office lobby and walk up to the desk to check in. Before you even say who you are, the

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Roth IRAs 2021: Know the Facts!

As we start 2021, we can reevaluate and anticipate our financial objectives, income assumptions, and tax-efficient savings opportunities for the new year. Whether you are actively employed and accumulating assets or distributing income in retirement, a Roth IRA can play a major role in your financial plan. Roth IRAs are becoming more popular as investment

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